Maximizing production is the goal and experienced Directional Drillers are the means.

Upstream International’s Directional Drillers have earned a worldwide reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our comprehensive integration of client processes and personnel delivers drilling performance with faster rates of penetration, superior hole quality and precise wellbore placement. We offer a variety of directional drillers for all applications – from land to deep water environments to extended-reach shale drilling.

Our Directional Drillers are involved in the planning, execution, and management of all phases of any directional drilling job to assist in delivering services that meet or exceed client expectations. Our Directional Drillers are successful, relentless, versatile learners and adapt easily to new situations. They have the ability to use logic to solve problems and are personally committed to continuous improvement. Their work style is to pursue everything with energy, drive, and a need to finish.

Areas of Expertise: